Lurid Space: Ecology Beyond Organisms

The relationship of the subject to the environment is a vital, recurring trope in aesthetic and ecological philosophies.

From landscape theory to Darwinian natural history, from von Uexküll's umwelten to notions of mimetic immersion, stimmung, atmosphere, and various ecologies the interest in drawing the limit, or lack thereof, between the organism and its milieu has been of continual significance to spatial thinking.

The PhD seminar will explore the triangulation of space, the environment and the subject through multiple disciplines, such as art history, architecture, environmental humanities, comparative studies, and science.

Keynote speaker: Spyros Papapetros - Associate Professor of History and Theory of Architecture, Princeton University


The course will give 3 ECTS and the participants are asked to:

•             Prepare a working paper (5 pages, times new roman 12, spacing 1,5) that presents the PhD project and discusses the project in relation to the topic and the reading list. Before the seminar, the participants are required to read each other’s papers.


•             At the seminar, the participants will give a short presentation of 15 minutes that contextualises and problematizes their work in relation to the topic. A reading list will be sent out in due time and it is expected that the presentation reflects on issues that are discussed in the literature.

Application deadline was 15. August

Contact: Ingrid Halland

Seminar website: Lurid Space

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