Placement record - Philosophy


Year of Defence

Dissertation Tittle

Current  position

Stig Hareide 2005 Der Erfahrungsbegriff Kants. Seine Begrundung der Wissenschaftsphilosophie Professor emeritus, University of Oslo (IFIKK)
Ståle Gundersen (doctor philosophiae) 2005 Bevissthet og materie. Et argument for nøytral monism Associate Professor , University of Stavanger
Inga Bostad (doctor philosophiae) 2005 Tro eller tvil – en rekonstruksjon av filosofisk skeptisisme. Director and Professor, Norwegian Centre for Human Rights, University of Oslo
Tor Martin Mølle 2006 Sømmelighetsbegrepet i Ciceros De officiis.  Senior Adviser, Norwegian National Advisory Group against Organised Fisheries Crime and IUU-Fishing
Lars Reinholdtsen 2006 Interpretation and Explanation: Reflections on Donald Davidson’s Philosophy of Mind. Associate Professor, Oslo and Akershus University College
of Applied Sciences
Gry Oftedal 2007 Conceptualizing genes as Causes of Phenotypes Principle Investigator at NRF founded Research Project
Øistein Schmidt Galaaen 2007 The disturbing matter of Downward Causation Director, Norwea - the voice of the Norwegian wind and ocean energy industry
Jakob Elster 2007 Transforming Moral Motivation Associate Professor, Norwegian Centre for Human Rights, University of Oslo
Lene Boman-Larsen 2007 Reconstructing the Moral Equality of Soldiers Head of Section, Faculty Administration, Oslo and Akershus University College
of Applied Sciences
Kristian Urstad 2008 Aristippus’ Ethics Professor,  Douglas College, Canada
Anders Strand 2008 The Metaphysics of Mental  Causation: The Exclusion Problem Revisited, Reconsidered and Resolved Researcher at NRF founded Research Project
Ingeborg Winderen Owesen 2008 Sexual Difference as a Philosophical Problem. The Philosophies, Styles and Methods of Luce Irigaray and Friedrich Nietzsche. Senior Advisor, The Research Council of Norway
Anders Nes 2008 Experience:Intentionality, and Concepts. Essays in the Philosophy of Perception Researcher, CSMN, University of Oslo
Gisela Susanna Bengtsson 2008 Wittgenstein and Dogmatism in Two Traditions. Postdoc, NFR, University of Bergen
Jon A. Lindstrøm 2009 Carving Mental Disorder at the Joints. An Essay in the Philosophy of Psychopathology Associate Professor, Nord University - Nesna 
Hanne Andrea Kraugerud 2009 Changing the subject. The Agnostic Quietism of Richard Rorty’s Pragmatism Associate Professor, Norwegian Institute for Defence Studies
Torberg Foss 2009 Close to the Particular: The Constitution of Knowledge from Case Histories in Psychoanalysis Clinical psychologist and psychoanalyst
Espen Gamlund 2009 A Change of Heart: Essays in the Moral Philosophy of Forgiveness. Associate Professor, University of Bergen
Frank Olav Barel 2010 Self-Knowledge and Anti-Individualism: A Defence of Neo-Rationalistic Compatibilism Lecturer/examiner (leadership and organisation) The Norwegian Business school BI 
Johan Wilhelm Klüwer 2010 Contexts of reasoning. Principal Specialist at Det Norske Veritas DNV
Magnus Aardal 2011 Wittgenstein's perspicuous representations and the aim of philosophy: A critical examination of two interpretative approaches Employee at Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund
Georg Kjøll 2011 Word meaning, concepts and the representation of abstract entities from the perspective of radical pragmatics and semantic externalism Editor at Store norske leksikon 
Torfinn Thomesen Huvenes 2011 On the Contrary: Disagreement, Context, and Relative Truth Senior lecturer (associate professor), Umeå University
Odin Lysaker 2011 Sårbar kropp – verdig liv. Anerkjennelseskampers eksistensielle kosmopolitikk. Professor, University of Agder
Toni Kannisto 2012 From Thinking to Being - Kant's Modal Critique of Metaphysics NFR post doc ved IFIKK, University of Oslo
Gry Wester 2012 When are health inequalities unfair Postdoktor, Department of Global Public Health and Primary Care, University of Bergen
Atle Sperre Hermansen 2012 Process Ontology of the Ionian Presocratics Senior advisor,  Oslo and Akershus University College
of Applied Sciences
Heine Alexander Holmen 2012 Ethics and the Nature of Action Associate professor, UiT - The Arctic University of Norway
Eirik Julius Risberg 2013 Externalism and the Empty Environment: an inquiry into the nature and strength of externalism in philosophy of mind and Language Falstadsenteret 
Mathias Slåttholm Sagdahl 2013 The Prospects of Normative Pluralism Associate professor, UiT - The Arctic University of Norway
Lene Auestad 2013 Respect, Plurality and Prejudice. A Psychoanalytic and Philosophical Inquiry into the Dynamics of Social Exclusion and Discrimination. Writer
Rachel Sterken 2013 Generics in Context: Generalisation, Context and Communication. Assosiate Professor, IFIKK, University of Oslo
Ole Martin Moen 2013 Because It Feels Good: A Hedonistic Theory of Intrinsic Value Principle Investigator at NRF founded Research Project
Veli-Pekka Parkkinen 2014 Understanding biological explanation and its practical relevance. Essays on interventionist epistemology of the life Sciences Postdoc, University of Kent
Hedda Hassel Mørch 2014 Panpsychism and Causation: a New Argument and a Solution to the Combination Problem Postdoc, New York University and IFIKK, University of Oslo
Kristoffer Lidén 2014 Between Intervention and Sovereignty: Ethics of Liberal Peacebuilding and the Philosophy of Global Governance. Senior Researcher and Coordinator, Research School on Peace and Conflict Studies, PRIO.
Jonas Jervell Indregard 2015 Kant’s Doctrine of Self-Affection Postdoc, Sun Yat-Sen University (China)
Andreas Brekke Carlsson 2015 Ignorance and Control. Essays on Moral Blameworthiness Secretary, Ethical Council for the defence sector; Researcher (50 %), IFIKK (Conceptlab)
Nick Hughes 2015 The Nature and Roles of Knowledge Postdoc, University College Dublin (Irland)
Anna Drozdzowicz 2015 Investigating Utterance Meaning – Essays in the Epistemology of Language Postdoc, Aarhus University (Danmark)
Grethe Netland 2016 On Human Rights in Rawls’s Law of people Administrative Leader at CSMN and Head of Department at Institutt for Sosialfag at Lillehammer University College
Martin Lee Mueller 2016 Being Salmon, Being Human. A Phenomenology of Story Academic coordinator at Universidad Nacional de San Martín (Buenos Aires), and guest lecturer at Steiner University College (Oslo)
Lars Christie 2016 Harming one to save another. Liability and Lethal Luck Postdoc, Oxford University; Researcher  (20 %) IFIKK (Conceptlab)
Vigdis Ekeberg 2016 Integritet – En undersøkelse av integritet som moralsk relevant fenomen
Child care
Jacob Bo Lautrup Kristensen 2016 From Duty, for Happiness. Authority and Value in Kant’s theory of Practical Reason Postdoc, Aarhus University (Danmark)
Kristian Bjørkdahl 2016 Enlarging the Ethnos. Rorty, Redescription, and the Rhetorical Labor of Moral Progress Postdoc, Centre for Development and the Environment, University of Oslo
Trine Antonsen 2017 Agrarianism and Our Dependence on Nature: A virtue-based approach to the human-nature relation and the good life Associate professor, UiT - The Arctic University of Norway (2 year position)
Monica Roland 2017 What is Love? Lecturer, University College of Southeast Norway
Leo Townsend 2017 Believing Groups. Essays on the doxastic and discursive capacities of collective agents Postdoc, University of Vienna
Feroz Shah 2018

Sapere Aude! The Judgement View of Kant’s Theory of Conscience

Associate professor, USN - The University of South-Eastern Norway

Joost Jacob Vecht 2019 Concept Attributivism Docent, University of Amsterdam
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