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For up to date information about the Project: go to the Project's website.

Logo for ConceptLab. A laboratory flask filled with mathematical formulas.

ConceptLab's purpose is to foster collaborative research on "conceptual engineering" – the critique and improvement of concepts. We investigate concepts from across philosophy and beyond. The center's remit thus covers all areas of philosophy: theoretical, practical, and historical.

About the project

We organise seminars and talks, collaborate with other philosophical research centres around the world, and we will host research projects (as members of the group get them). The research group will work in close collaboration with CSMN until 2017.

All our events are open to everyone.

The group is led by Herman Cappelen, Øystein Linnebo and Camilla Serck-Hanssen.

For more information about the Project go to the project's website


ConceptLab got funding for a 5-year Toppforsk project from The Research Council of Norway

ConceptLab also receives support from IFIKK and the Faculty of Humanities at the University of Oslo.



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