POSTPONED!! Generative approaches to properties

Many philosophers conceive of properties in higher-order terms, in part because untyped conceptions are threatened by a version of Russell's paradox. Nonetheless, untyped conceptions of properties remain attractive, not least because of their greater expressive power.

This workshop will explore philosophical and logical questions concerning typed as well as untyped properties, e.g.:

​​– Do we really need a theory of untyped properties? ​​– Is there an iterative conception of properties, just as there is an iterative conception of sets?  ​​– What role, if any, should predicativity play in a theory of properties?– What role, if any, should a notion of indefinite extensibility play in a conception of properties?


Ryle Room, Faculty of Philosophy, Oxford, July 7–8th 2020

Tuesday, July 7th 2020
12.00–1.15: Øystein Linnebo
2.45–4.00: Sam Roberts
4.45–6.00: Kit Fine

Wednesday, July 8th 2020
10.00–11.15: James Studd
11.45–1.00: Laura Crosilla   
2.00–3.15: Tim Button

Please contact Øystein Linnebo or James Studd ​ to register. 


Øystein Linnebo and James Studd
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