*In the process of being reorganized* Workshop Conceptual Engineering: The Role and Nature of Functions

This event was scheduled as an ordinary workshop with physical presence before the outbreak of the Corona virus. It is currently being reorganized as an online event. Updated information will appear here when the reorganization is completed.

Topic: The following claim underlies much work in conceptual engineering, genealogy, and related fields: 

CLAIM: "Concepts perform functions (or have jobs)”. 

Question: can CLAIM be made true and philosophically significant? If no, why not? If yes, what does ‘concept’ mean, what does ‘function’ mean, and what’s the philosophical significance of the CLAIM? 

CFP (external link)


Tim Sundell (University of Kentucky)

Jennifer Nado (University of Hong Kong)

Amie Thomasson (Dartmouth College)

Mona Simion (University of Glasgow)

Chris Kelp (University of Glasgow)

Matthieu Queloz (University of Oxford)

Justin Garson (Hunter College)

David Plunkett (Dartmouth College)

Herman Cappelen (University of Oslo)




Herman Cappelen and David Plunkett
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