Taking Stock Workshop (online)

Members, friends and would-be visitors of and to ConceptLab give short talks and take stock of their work. This year's workshop will be an online event, on Zoom (details tba).

Format: 15 minute talks, 7 minute Q&A. 10 minute breaks between every second slot.

Schedule in Norwegian time (UTC +2). For BST, subtract 1 hour. For EDT, subtract 6 hours.

0930 Welcome

0935 Camilla Serck-Hanssen
1000 Rachel Sterken
1025 Herman Cappelen

1100 Andreas Carlsson
1125 Dragana Bozin

Lunch break

1300 Sam Roberts "Potentialism in mathematics"
1325 Laura Crosilla "On the concept of set"

1400 Joey Pollock "Content, disagreement, and verbal disputes"
1425 Øystein Linnebo "Should I join the revolution? Some thoughts about strict vs. liberal potentialism"


1515 Mirela Fuš "Engineering generic judgments"
1540 David Plunkett

1615 Matthew Shields "Practices of Samesaying"
1640 Eleonore Neufeld "Pornography, Discourse, and Desires"

Finished at ca 1700.

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