Workshop - Migration and linguistic knowledge: Premodern perspectives

In this workshop, we would like to explore the relation between migration and linguistic knowledge from a diachronic and interdisciplinary perspective. Sign up for the workshop here

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At the crossroads of history, linguistics, and migration studies, the seminars explore an important dynamic behind the dissemination of linguistic knowledge, ranging from writing systems through grammars, primers, and dictionaries to spoken competence: the movement of people, ideas, and techniques. Questions that will be addressed include:

  • How has migration contributed to the development and spread of linguistic items, ideas and techniques?
  • Who are the carriers of linguistic knowledge? What is the role of people such as scholars, teachers, students, artisans, family members, and people with other societal roles? How anonymous are knowledge carriers? To what extent do gender and racial stereotypes come into play?
  • Which objects carry knowledge? What is the role of material media such as papyri, manuscripts, books, and recordings?

The seminars will be presented by researchers with different backgrounds, who will address these questions from their own vantage points. We would like to know whether you plan to attend physically or digitally, so please fill out this online form. 


14h00-14h10 - Introduction

14h10-15h00 - Antiquity

  • Greek meets Egyptian: Exchanges in language and language learning in Ptolemaic Egypt - Anastasia Maravela (IFIKK, UiO) abstract
  • Latin loanwords in Oxyrhynchus: who, from where, and why - Giuliano Sidro (University of Oxford) abstract
    • respondent: Alisa van de Haar

15h00-15h45 - Middle Ages

  • The spread and consequences of bilingual and biscriptal competence in medieval Scandinavia - Alessandro Palumbo (ILN, UiO) abstract
    • respondent: Raf Van Rooy

15h45-16h00 - coffee break

16h00-16h45 - Italian Renaissance

  • The co-creation of contrastive grammar in the Renaissance: New perspectives on Greek migrant teachers and their Italian students - Raf Van Rooy (IFIKK, UiO) abstract
    • respondent: Anastasia Maravela

16h45-17h30 - Early Modern Period

  • French teachers in exile: Refugees from the sixteenth-century Low Countries using language skills as starting capital - Alisa van de Haar (Leiden University) abstract
    • respondent: Alessandro Palumbo

17h30-17h50 - Concluding remarks by Aneta Pavlenko (MultiLing, UiO)

17h50-18h00 - Wrap-up, followed by drinks

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