Salvatore Florio

“Untyped Pluralism”, forthcoming in Mind

“Set Theory, Type Theory, and Absolute Generality” (with Stewart Shapiro), forthcoming in Mind


Øystein Linnebo (selected publications most relevant to the PPP project)

“Response to Florio and Shapiro” (with Agustín Rayo), forthcoming in Mind

“The Potential Hierarchy of Sets”, Review of Symbolic Logic 6:2 (2013), 205-28

“Hierarchies Ontological and Ideological” (with Agustín Rayo), Mind 121 (2012): 269-308

“Reference by Abstraction”, Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society 112:1 (2012), 45-71

“Identity and Discernibility in Philosophy and Logic” (with James Ladyman and Richard Pettigrew), Review of Symbolic Logic 5:1 (2012), 162-86

“Metaontological Minimalism”, Philosophy Compass 7:2 (2012), 139-51

“Some Criteria for Acceptable Abstraction”, Notre Dame Journal of Formal Logic 52:3 (2011), 331-338

“Pluralities and Sets,” Journal of Philosophy 107:3 (2010), 144-164

“The Context Principle in Frege’s Grundgesetze”, forthcoming in Philip Ebert and Marcus Rossberg (eds.), Essays on Frege's Basic Laws of Arithmetic (Oxford: Oxford University Press)

“Truth in Mathematics,” forthcoming in M. Glanzberg (ed.), Oxford Companion to Truth (Oxford University Press)

“Impredicativity in the Neo-Fregean Programme,” forthcoming in Philip Ebert and Marcus Rossberg (eds.), Abstractionism in Mathematics: Status Belli (Oxford: Oxford University Press)

“Higher-Order Logic,” in L. Horsten and R. Pettigrew (eds.), Continuum Companion to Philosophical Logic (London: Continuum, 2011), 105-127

“Predicativity and Impredicative Definitions”, in James Fieser and Bradley Dowden (eds.), Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy (2010), URL=<>


Jon Erling Litland

"On Some Counterexamples to the Transitivity of Grounding," Essays in Philosophy, 14:1 (2013)


Jönne Speck

“The Groundedness Approach to Class Theory”, forthcoming in Inquiry

“Bernard Bolzano”, forthcoming in: A. Malpass (ed.) An Introduction to the History of Philosophical and Formal Logic: From Aristotle to Tarski, contracted with Continuum Press



Sean Walsh

“Comparing Peano Arithmetic, Basic Law V, and Hume’s Principle”, Annals of Pure and Applied Logic, 163 (2012):1679-1709

Sam Roberts

Invited submission for a survey article on set-theoretic reflection principles. Philosophia Mathematica.

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