• April 18, Dag presented the work on converting dependency grammar analyses to LFG representations at the research seminar in computational linguistics: slides
  • March 29, Dag presented the PROIEL corpus at a guest lecture in Stuttgart: slides
  • March 8, Hanne gave a talk on definiteness at DGfS in Frankfurt: slides
  • March 1, Dag gave a talk on backward control of adjuncts in Ancient Greek at the Cambridge Linguistic Society: slides
  • February 29, Hanne gave a talk on "The many faces of byti" at the leap day seminar at the Center for Advanced Study: slides
  • February 11, Tanya presented work on "The many ways to find the “right” and the “left”: on fictive motion models in the encoding of spatial relation" at the 38th Annual Meeting of the Berkeley Linguistic Society: handout
  • At the Danish-Norwegian seminar in historical linguistics, Hanne presented joint work with Laura Janda on aspect and grammatical profiles in Old Church Slavic and modern Russian: slides (in Norwegian)



  • At the Ancient Greek and Semantic Theory conference in Nijmegen in December 2010, Hanne, Peter and Olga presented their work on visualizing prepositional source encoding in the NT Greek Gospels (slides here) and Dag talked about discourse functions of participles (slides here).
  • December 9, Dag presented work on Dynamic semantics without coindexation at CSMN's Language & Rationality Seminar: slides
  • November, 18-19 we coorganized a workshop on definiteness with Atle Grønn's RuN project: conference web page
  • October, 29-30, Hanne presented the PROIEL corpus at a Symposium in honour of St. Naum, University of Shumen, Bulgaria: slides
  • October 7, Hanne and Dag reported from their work on proper names with articles at "The Grammar of Proper Names - a typological perspective": slides
  • On September, 30, Olga and Hanne talked about "Mapping the spatial domain" at the 6th International Contrastive Linguistics Conference in Berlin: slides
  • On September, 4, Hanne gave a talk on OCS touch verbs at the 6th International Conference on Construction Grammar: slides
  • On September, 1, Thomas Krause from Humboldt University, Berlin presented the Annis infrastructure for multilayer corpus search: slides
  • On August, 11, PROIEL and ISWOC had a mini workshop on IS annotation. Dag presented some slides on specificity (in Norwegian): slides
  • On June, 3, Hanne and Olga presented work on semantic maps of prepositions at Kognitivt sommerseminar (Cognitive Summer Seminar) (in Norwegian): slides
  • At LREC in May, 2010, John Lee and Dag presented work on converting Perseus dependency structures into PROIEL graphs: paper
  • On March 1, Dag gave another version of Corien's and his paper on participles (less lambdas and more corpus data!): slides
  • On February, 24, Olga presented a paper on prepositions at the DGfS in Berlin: slides
  • On February, 17, visiting postdoc Corien Bary and Dag gave a talk on the temporal interpretation of participles in Ancient Greek at the seminar for theoretical linguistics in Oslo: slides
  • At the Danish-Norwegian seminar in historical linguistics, Angelika, Dag, Hanne and Mari presented papers (all in Norwegian) on definiteness and articles in Armenian and in Vulgar Latin, Greek participles and Slavic animacy.


  • Admire this year's anaphoric child!
  • Dag, Marius, Hanne, Eirik Welo, Mari and Angelika wrote about "Computational and Linguistic Issues in Designing a Syntactically Annotated Parallel Corpus of Indo-European Language" in a special issue of Traitment Automatique des Langues on Natural Language Processing for Ancient Languages: article (external link)
  • On December, 3, Dag and Hanne spoke about practical corpus work and grammar formalisms (LFG and construction grammar) at the seminar in cognitive linguistics: slides (in Norwegian)


  • On December, 6, Marius, Hanne and Dag presented a framework for dependency graph alignments in the corpus at a workshop in Regensburg on Diachronic Syntax in Slavonic Languages. A paper originating in this talk was finally published in Wiener Slawistischer Almanach, Sonderband 74.
  • On November, 23, our department sponsored a corpus seminar for our annotators. People came from Sofia, Łodz, Munich, Bonn, Tromsø and Oslo!
  • At the Fachtagung der indogermanischen Gesellschaft in Salzburg, September 2008, Dag and Marius presented the PROIEL corpus and Dag presented work on predicative participles.
  • Dag is organising a workshop on Computational Linguistics and Latin Philology together with David Bamman (Perseus Project, Tufts) and Marco Passarotti (Catholic University of Milan) during the 15th International Conference on Latin Linguistics. Here is the call for papers.
  • On September, 2, Hanne received HM the King's Gold Medal for her dissertation!
  • On August, 21, Hanne and Dag presented the corpus at the start up seminar of IECASTP in Bergen: slides
  • On July, 16, Dag gave a paper on the grammaticalization of word order in old IE languages at New Reflections on Grammaticalization 4 in Leuven: slides
  • On July, 4, Dag presented work on the temporal semantics of Greek participles at the 13th International Lexical Functional Grammar Conference: slides paper (link to CSLI publications)
  • On June, 17, Hanne presented work on Old Church Slavonic and Greek definiteness and possession at Kognitivt sommerseminar (Cognitive Summer Seminar) in Tromsø: slides (in Norwegian).
  • On June, 1, Dag and Marius presented the corpus at LREC workshop on Language Technology for Cultural Heritage Data: slides paper
  • On May, 29, we are organising a seminar on pragmatic categories in ancient languages, and their study through parallel corpora. Here is the program.


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