Research topic: Philosophy

Philosophy is the open and critical examination of fundamental questions concerning

  • the nature of existence,
  • the notion of truth and the possibility of knowledge,
  • the nature of science, the nature of the human mind, the standards of logic and argumentation,
  • the standards of beauty,
  • how humans should live and act,
  • what duties we have to one another,
  • the best political organization and the ideal human

Since philosophical questions are of perennial concern, philosophers remain interested in how these questions have been answered by the great philosophical minds of the past.

The Philosophy section has several core research strengths: History of Philosophy, especially Ancient and Modern; Theoretical Philosophy, especially the Philosophy of Language, the Philosophy of Logic and Mathematics, Epistemology and the Philosophy of Mind; in addition to an emerging strength in Practical Philosophy. All of our faculty are highly active, publishing scientific articles in prominent, international level-2 journals and books with prestigious academic publishing houses.

The Department is host to a Centre of Excellence, the Center for the Study of Mind in Nature, as well as a research center on Conceptual Engineering. This means that a large number of international philosophers lecture and teach in Oslo on a regular basis.


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