Student Democracy: Subject and Programme Committees

The student democracy at IFIKK begins at the level of subject and programme committees.

The students of Philosophy and History of ideas are organised in subject committees (fagutvalg), while the students of Classics and Art history are organised in programme committees (programutvalg).

The activities of the committees partly overlap with the student societies.

What are the subject and programme committees?

The subject and programme committees represent the student body at the Department of Philosophy, Classics, History of Art and Ideas. The committees consist of delegates chosen among volunteers. Their task is to look after and improve the students’ study environment.

What do the subject and programme committees do?

The delegates from the subject and programme committees are a part of the Department board and the Programme councils, and because of this they have a direct influence on a number of decisions which concern the students. According to the Act relating to universities and university colleges, every university body with decision-making authority is obliged to include student delegates. Hence the students have a concrete opportunity to exercise an influence on various decisions.

The committees are concerned with a wide range of issues, be it complaints about the teaching being offered or the distribution of evaluation forms which allow the students to propose improvements to the study environment. They also organise different scholarly and social activities for the students.

The committees want you to participate!

The subject and programme committees always need new members who can contribute with fresh ideas and opinions. The most crucial quality you ought to possess if you want to take part in one of the committees is the courage of your convictions. You should also have an affiliation with the subject or programme you want to represent.

In order for the committees to reflect the actual student body, it is important that students of all levels are represented. The subject and programme committees are a pleasant opportunity to make friends and to get involved in a social environment in an otherwise hectic student life. As an extra bonus, all members of the committees are allowed to include this position in their CV.

Contact your subject or programme committee:

If you want to be involved in the student democracy, be it because you want to engage yourself in a particular issue concerning student politics or simply because you want to arrange a party, please contact the committee you are affiliated with by one of the e-mails listed below.

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