Study hall and computer lab for master students

On this page you will find the information you need concerning the study hall, computer lab and the lockers available to all master students at IFIKK.

Both the study hall and the computer lab are located on the ground floor of Georg Morgenstiernes hus (GM), in room 109.

Please notice that the use of these facilities requires that you make yourself acquainted with all the information offered on this web page and that you subscribe to the mandatory e-mail list. You may find instruction on how to subscribe to this list in the column to the right.

The personal workplaces are redistributed each semester and the application deadline is the 15th of September in the autumn and the 15th of February in the spring. Along with this application, the applicant needs to sign a protocol of attendance in the two weeks preceding this deadline.

How to get access to the study hall and the computer lab

Your student card serves as a keycard as soon as you have been accepted to a master programme affiliated with IFIKK. Both a card and a password may be acquired at the SiO Centre.  If you cannot get access to the study hall with your student card, you should first check if the card has expired. If that is the case, you need to renew it at the SiO Centre. If the card is still valid, please go to the front office on the 2nd floor of Georg Morgenstiernes hus, in order to enquire about the status of the card. The front office is open every week day between 10.00 and 14.00.

Personal workplace

The study hall on the ground floor of GM has a total of 52 workplaces. Among half of these are distributed as personal workplaces, while the rest are at free disposal to the students. On the personal workplaces the students are allowed to leave their books and study material on the place all through the semester, while the free places have to be cleared out every day. There are several requirements that must be fulfilled in order to acquire a personal workspace. Firstly, the student needs to send in an application each semester. Secondly, the student needs to sign the protocol of attendance at least 8 of 10 days in the two weeks preceding the deadline. Thirdly, the student is obliged to use the workplace at least four days a week. If the student fails to use the workplace, it may be cleared out by the study hall supervisor. If the student is taking a leave over a longer period of time, he or she is required to leave a note on the workplace allowing others to use it in the meantime. Fourthly, the student is required to subscribe to the e-mail list related to the study hall. You may find instruction for how to subscribe to this list in the column to the right.

The application deadline for the personal workplaces is the 15th of September in the autumn and the 15th of February in the spring. You may find the application form on the following web page:. Please fill in this form and send the application to:

The applications are handled by the study hall supervisor, and they are evaluated after the following list of priorities:

  1. Students at the 4th semester
  2. Students at the 3rd semester
  3. Students at the 5th semester
  4. Students at the 6th semester
  5. Students at the 2nd semester
  6. Students at the 1st semester

When you no longer use your personal workspace – be it if you have finished your master thesis or lost your right to the personal place – you have to clear out your personal belongings as soon as possible. The workplace has to be ready to be taken into use at least by the start of the following semester. 

The students are expected to take extra care in being considerate towards their fellow students, both in their use of the computers and their cell phones, but also in keeping an orderly workplace.


There are several lockers located next to the lavatories on the ground floor. Every master student is permitted to take these into use. The student has to label the locker with his or her full name, degree programme and current semester. The student has to bring their own padlock. Any locker which is not adequately labelled may be forcibly opened by the supervisor, and the content may be thrown. The lockers are inspected in the beginning of each semester, and the supervisor carries out this work on behalf of IFIKK. The students are notified through the e-mail list a month in advance. Any content that is found in the lockers that are opened is put aside for two weeks before they are thrown away or shredded.

NB: Any use of the lockers or the study hall is done on the student’s own responsibility. IFIKK is not liable for any damage to or loss of the material left on the workplace or in the lockers.

The computer lab

The computer lab consists of 16 computers and 1 printer. The students are not permitted to occupy the computer permanently, and are required to log off the computer and clear the area around it after use. We kindly ask the student to be careful with any liquids close to the computers and that he or she resort to the canteen while eating.

If any problems should occur

Light bulbs for the lamps on the workplaces may be obtained in the front office on the 2nd floor of GM. Any other technical problem must be reported to the technical department (mail).

If the printer should run out of ink or paper, you may enquire after assistance in the front office.

In any problems should occur with the computers, you must personally contact the Faculty's student IT services.

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