Submitting compulsory assignments at IFIKK

This procedure applies to all compulsory assignments submitted on paper at the Department's front office.

You are responsible for submitting a complete and correct document. The assignments and essays are assessed in the form in which they are submitted. Unreadable or incomplete documents will be graded as such.

To avoid suspicion of plagiarism, you must know how to cite, quote and refer to sources. This applies to both compulsory assignments and examination essays, and any exam or assignment may be subject to electronic plagiarism control.

1. Download and print the front page

2. Complete the front page with course code, semester, name, group number and name of teacher, and sign the declaration about plagiarism. Candidate numbers should only be used for submitting exams, not for compulsory assignments.

3. Staple the front page to your assignment. Please do not use paperclips, folders or the like.

4. Submit your assignment in two complete copies at the department's general office within the deadline. The general office is located on the 3rd floor (3. etasje) of Georg Morgenstiernes hus.

Please note that you must submit your work in hard copy and not electronically. Ensure that you submit your assignment with the front page filled in and attached as described. If someone else submits your work, ensure that the front page has been completed properly.It is especially important that the declaration about plagiarism is signed.

About compulsory activities

All compulsory activities have to be completed and accepted as satisfactory at least two weeks before the exam. This means that all compulsory assignments have to be submitted at least three weeks before the date of the exam - even in cases where a deferred deadline has been granted, or where the candidate has been granted a second attempt to submit his or her assignment (i.e. in cases where the first attempt was not accepted as satisfactory).

A compulsory activity that has been accepted as satisfactory will be valid the next two semesters the course is given, unless the course has changed significantly.

More information about the Faculty of Humanities' guidelines for compulsory activities.

Published Mar. 1, 2016 10:10 AM - Last modified Mar. 16, 2016 2:04 PM