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Klassisk Seminar

Studenter på torget med en lærer. Maleri.

Detalj fra Rafaels Skolen i Athen (1509-1511).Kilde: Wikimedia Commons.

Klassisk Seminar er et forum der ansatte, ph.d.-kandidater og masterstudenter legger frem sin pågående forskning for kolleger og andre antikkinteresserte. Seminaret inviterer også jevnlig antikkforskere fra andre forskningsinstitusjoner.

Høsten 2022 finner Klassisk Seminar sted annenhver tirsdag, kl. 16:15–18:00. Prof. Silvio Bär er ansvarlig for seminaret.

For programmet, klikk her! Vennligst se den engelske versjonen for oppdatert informasjon.

Se også klassiske seminarer i perioden 2011–2020.


Tid og sted: 31. mai 2022 16:1518:00, GM 652 and via Zoom

David Grimaldi presents his thesis project for his Master's Degree in Ancient Greek.

Tid og sted: 10. mai 2022 16:1518:00, GM 652 and via Zoom

Knut Olav Sandvik presents his thesis for the Master's Degree in Latin: "Iocosa Imago: Resonant Forms in Horace"

Tid og sted: 26. apr. 2022 16:1518:00, GM 652 and via Zoom

Paola d'Andrea: Ad usum Novae Romae: two vates for Fascist Italy

Tid og sted: 29. mars 2022 16:1518:00, GM 652 and via Zoom

Aske Damtoft Poulsen: All Roads Lead to Ruin: Teleology and counterfactuality in Sallust’s history of Rome

Tid og sted: 22. mars 2022 16:1518:00, GM and via Zoom

Ed Bispham: The Cult of Mefitis

Tid og sted: 8. mars 2022 16:1518:00, GM 652 and via Zoom

Thea Selliaas Thorsen: Dating Corinna after Lobel, Page and West.

Tid og sted: 22. feb. 2022 16:1518:00, GM 652 and via Zoom

Matthew Kinloch: Narrative Hierarchies: Minor Characters in Byzantine and Medieval History Writing.

Tid og sted: 8. feb. 2022 16:1518:00, Via Zoom

Silvio Bär, leader of the research group Novel and Epic, Ancient and Modern: Odyssey 5: A Narratological Analysis.

Tid og sted: 25. jan. 2022 16:1518:00, via Zoom

Ildar Garipzanov  presents his ERC Advanced Grant project, MINiTEXTS – "Minuscule Texts: Marginalized Voices in Early Medieval Latin Culture (c. 700–c. 1000)". 

Project website: Minuskule tekster

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Tid og sted: 23. nov. 2021 16:1518:00, Georg Morgenstiernes hus, seminarom 203 og Zoom

Knut Olav Sandvik (masterstudent i latin) fremstiller sin MA-avhandling «Metrical Limitations in Horace's Odes».

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Tid og sted: 9. nov. 2021 16:1518:00, Zoom

Eirik Welo (førstelektor i gammelgresk) holder foredrag "Galen som attisist: lærdom, sjanger og publikum".

Tid og sted: 26. okt. 2021 16:1518:00, Zoom

Nicolò Bettegazzi will discuss the use of Latin at the Mostra Augustea della Romanità (1937/38), a subject related to his ongoing PhD thesis.

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Tid og sted: 12. okt. 2021 16:1518:00, Zoom

Prof. Brent Nongbri will discuss the the early history of the codex and introduce us to his ongoing project EthiCodex.

Tid og sted: 28. sep. 2021 16:1518:00, Zoom

Dr. Christopher Siwicki will discuss the treatment and perception of historic buildings in imperial Rome, which he also explored in his recent book Architectural Restoration and Heritage in Imperial Rome (OUP 2020).

Homer led by the genius of poetry
Tid og sted: 14. sep. 2021 16:1518:00, Zoom

Prof. Mark Janse will offer a rhetorical and cognitive-linguistic analysis of Agamemnon's speech at Iliad 2.110-141, based on an article recently published in Symbolae Osloenses.

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Tid og sted: 31. aug. 2021 16:1518:00, Zoom

This semester's first Classics Seminar will be held by our Marie Skłodowska-Curie postdoctoral fellow Dr. Raf Van Rooy. He will speak about Ippolita Maria Sforza as a student of Greek in Early 1460s Milan.

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Tid og sted: 11. mai 2021 16:1518:00, zoom

At the next Classics seminar, Astrid Grindeland (MA student in Greek, University of Oslo) will speak on her ongoing work on Lucian. Classics seminar email list subscribers will receive a zoom link two days before the event. If you have not received a zoom link, please email the Classics seminar organizer (borismas@ifikk.uio.no) directly.

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Tid og sted: 23. mars 2021 16:1518:00, zoom

At the next meeting of the Classics seminar Professor Caspar Meyer (Bard Graduate Center) will speak on "Making and meaning: early Attic stelai as lithic technology." The event will take place on zoom. The link will be sent out to Classics seminar list subscribers.

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Tid og sted: 9. mars 2021 16:1518:00, zoom

On March 9, Federico Aurora (University of Oslo) will speak on: "ENCODE-project. Spreading digital methods in Classics." All subscribers to the Classics Seminar list will receive a zoom link.

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Tid og sted: 16. feb. 2021 16:1518:00, Zoom only

On February 16, Alexander Nikolaev (Associate Professor of Classical Studies and Linguistics at Boston University) will speak on the challenges currently facing Greek etymological research—and faced by scholars and students who seek reliable information on etymology of Ancient Greek words.

All subscribers to the klassisk-seminar list will receive a zoom link for this talk. Please subscribe or contact Boris Maslov if you wish to attend the talk.


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Tid og sted: 26. jan. 2021 16:1518:00, Zoom only

Join us on zoom for the first meeting of the Classics seminar in 2021. (The link will be circulated to the Classics seminar list; if you are not on the list but would like to receive an invitation please email the Classics seminar organizer.).