Courtney Ann Ward (DNIR): Cleopatra's Pearl and the adornment of Roman statues

Jacob Jordaens, Cleopatras bankett (1653)

The use and display of personal adornment was integral in the creation of personal identities of men and women in the Roman world. We know that men and women from a variety of social and economic classes wore jewelry and items of adornment are mentioned in sumptuary laws and eulogies; they are found on archaeological sites throughout the Empire; they are often associated with human remains in burial contexts and alongside fugitives on the Bay of Naples; and they are often included in both literary and painted depictions of important individuals. One area where such adornment is lacking, however, is ancient sculpture, where objects of adornment are rarely included. Using both archaeological and literary evidence, this talk will examine the evidence for the adornment of both public and private statues in the Roman world.

Courthey Ann Ward is a classical archaeologist and is currently affiliated with the Norwegian institute in Rome.

Publisert 30. aug. 2018 10:26 - Sist endret 20. sep. 2018 12:26