Sofia Heim: Periphery, limits and the peregrine: exotic θαύματα in Greek poetry (MA project)

Gerardus Mercator (1595)

Som en start på arbeidet med masteroppgaven skal alle studenter i tredje semester levere en prosjektskisse til selve oppgaven og denne skal de først presentere muntlig på klassisk seminar. Denne uken vil masterstudent Sofia Heim presenterer emnet for sin kommende masteroppgave.  Sofia vil se på hyperboreerne i gresk poesi og nedenfor er hennes beskrivelse av emnet.  Seminaret vil foregå på engelsk.


"Periphery, limits and the peregrine: exotic θαύματα in Greek poetry"


In the process of discovering and inventing the Greek world and shared Greek identity, the Ancient Greeks needed to define ‘their own’ against a contrast of ‘the other’. Early figures such as Homer, Hesiod, and Anaximander placed the known world, both the Greek and the peripheral, within the bounds of the river Okeanos, using the primeval river as a boundary (a πείρατα γαίης) to separate their space from the infinite and indefinite. This notion of limits, both real and imagined, demands that there is an ‘other’, the peregrine, which exists just beyond the reach of the Greeks. This creates both a spatial and qualitative remoteness, which allows a very imaginative understanding of what the periphery might contain. In my MA-project, I will attempt to explore the use of the peripheral and peregrine imagery, i.e. the exotic wonders, in poetry, where the poet crosses the boundaries to offer his audience a glimpse of the unattainable.



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