Exempla Moralia

Friday 17th, October

Moral struggle

Morning session:

09.55 Introduction

10.00–10.30 Einar Petterson, Prof., University of Oslo

Virgin Martyrs: A Patristic re-vision

10.45–11.15 Kirsten Stabel, M.A.

Anastasis and Descensus. Christ in Limbo in Byzantine and Western iconography. (Kristi strid i dødsriket)

Coffee break

11.45–12.15 Leif Holm Monssen, Prof., University of Oslo

Notes on the Virtuous Christian Soldier in Cinquecento Italy

Heroes, Heroics and Heroism

Afternoon session:

14.00–14.30 Sivert Thue, M.A., Researcher, Munch Museum, Oslo

Did Laocoon deserve his punishment? Pagan Hamartia and Christian sin in El Greco’s “Laocoon"

14.45–15.15 Tor Hønnigstad, M.A. 

Pieter Lastman: “Constantine's Victory at the Milvian Bridge”, 1602

Coffee break

15.45–16.15 Arne Holm, dr.polit.

An ideological interpretation of Giuseppi Chiari’s “Apotheosis of Marc Antonio Colonna II” in Palazzo Colonna

Saturday, 18th October

Popes, propriety and public relations

Morning session:

09.15–09.45 Karen Lloyd, cand. PhD, Rutgers University

What’s in a name?  Cinzio and Pietro Aldobrandini as Papal nephews and Patrons

10.00–10.30 Torgeir Melsæter, cand. PhD, University of Antwerp

Heraldic and para-heraldic elements in Roman Baroque Art and Architecture as Mediators of Papal Virtues

Coffee break

11.00–11.30 Roumiana Popova, cand. PhD, Univ. of Amsterdam

Poetic Representation of Insight and Virtue in The Studiolo of Alessandro Farnese at Caprarola. A cryptic portrait of Aristotle in the guise of Paul III and Plato?

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