Ars et Medicina symposium

Monday, 7th May: Morning session

8:45‐9:15: Coffee

9.15: Introduction: Einar Petterson

Interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary investigations of art and medicine

Chair: Einar Petterson

9:30–10.00 Lecture 1

Einar Petterson, Professor of art history, University of Oslo

The pathology of female lust in 17th c. Dutch medicine, art and culture

10.15‐10:45 Lecture 2

Knut Kvernebo, MD, PhD, FRCS, Professor of Cardio‐Thoracic Surgery, Oslo University Hospital, Ullevaal

Can wounds of religious stigmata be caused by changes of skin blood flow? A Case of a bleeding wound during religious ecstasy 2004 A.D.

11:00‐11:30: Coffee break

11:30‐12:00 Lecture 3

Dr Stelios Manganis, School of Arts, Oxford Brookes University

The use of PANAS‐X scales of affect measure in artwork development

12.15–12.45 Lecture 4

Bodhisattva Chattopadhyay, Department of Literature, Area Studies and European Languages, University of Oslo and Paul Craddock, London

Consortium Television From Medical Science to Posthumanism: Creating a multidisciplinary framework

13.00–14:30: Lunch

Monday, 7th May Afternoon session

The history of medicine and art

Chair: Einar Petterson

14.30–15.00 Lecture 5

Else Mogensen, PhD, Classical Philology, Ghent University,

Belgium Medicine, Art and the Classics

15.15–15.45 Lecture 6

Ingrid Rowland, Professor, Notre‐Dame University, Rome

Art, Health and Food: Under the Microscope with Athanasius Kircher

16.00–16.30 Coffee break

16:30‐17:00 Lecture 7

Jacomien Prins, Wolfson College, Oxford University

Marsilio Ficino and his readers on music, health and happiness

17:15‐17:45 Lecture 8

Elisa Treccani, PhD cand., University of Verona

The translation of the Régime du corps

18.00–18.30: Coffee break

Art and psychology

Chair: Gloria Lauri‐Lucente

18:30‐19:00 Lecture 9

Paola Di Cori, Lecturer in Cultural Studies and Gender Studies at the University of Urbino.

Freud, Psychoanalysis and Sculpture

19.15‐20.30 Wine and snacks at the Norwegian Institute

Tuesday, 8th May Morning session

09:00‐9:30 Coffee

Art and psychology

Chair: Paola di Cori

9:30–10.00 Lecture 10

Gloria Lauri‐Lucente, Professor and Head of the Department of Italian at the University of Malta

Eros, Thanatos and the Inception of Psychoanalysis. The Case of Sabina Spielrein, Carl Gustav Jung and Sigmund Freud in the Filmic Versions of Roberto Faenza and David Cronenberg

Medical illustrations, visualizations and artistic representations

Chair: Mattia Marino and Einar Petterson

10.15–10.45 Lecture 11

David Lomas, Professor of Art History, University of Manchester

‘Courbes médicales: The Graphic Trace in Medicine and Art.’

11:00‐11:30 Coffee break

11.30‐12.00 Lecture 12

Francesca Marchetti, PhD in Byzantine and Eurasia Studies at the University of Bologna

The Influence of Late Antique and Byzantine Iconography on Renaissance Illustrated OrthopaedicTexts

12:15–12:45 Lecture 13

Cecilia Mariani, University of Sassari, Sardinia, Italy

Jenny Saville. Autopsy of contemporary pain

13.00–14.30 Lunch

Tuesday, 8th May Afternoon session

Medicine in Writing and Acting

Chair: David Lomas

14.30–15.00 Lecture 14

Tessa C. Gurney, PhD cand., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

“A me non venderà egli vesciche”: Questionable Medici and Medicine Questioned in Machiavelli’s Theater

15.15–15.45 Lecture 15

Mattia Marino, Bangor University, Great Britain

Sick Bodies Brimming with Satanic Thoughts. Visual Verbal Vermin Venoms of Demons in Denims from Lady Gaga to Amélie Nothomb

Art and medical pedagogy and therapy

Chair: Dagmar Reichardt & Knut Kvernebo

16:00‐16:30 Lecture 16

Dagmar Reichardt, University of Groningen/The Netherlands

The doctor as a poet – The poet as a doctor. Trauma, therapeutical autobiographism and the power of literature

16.45–17.15: Coffee break

17:15‐17:45 Lecture 17

Dana Gage MD, MA candidate, Narrative Medicine, Columbia University, New York

The Use of the Play as a Model for Training Medical Students

Lecture and Performance by the Lullaby music therapy project group

18:00‐18:30 Lecture and Performance

18 Lullaby Project

Speaker: Carlo Virzi, Lullaby project initiator and leader

Music therapist, musician, instructor and project officer in educational and clinical settings.


  • Marta Rabbiosi Conductor of theatre-related training groups with children, elderly people and disabled people
  • Monica Milani Music therapist, project officer and trainer in clinical training courses.
  • Cosimo Filieri Music therapist and musician
  • Alessia Pasini Music therapist and professional singer


Dinner for lecturers

Ristorante Lumie di Sicilia Roma

Via Fratelli Bonnet 41

00152 ROMA

+39 06 58 13 287

Via Fratelli Bonnet is not far from the Norwegian Institute. I have sent all lecturers a

google map with directions to the restaurant.

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