Ars et Scientia (Animalia) symposium

Tuesday, 3rd June: Morning session

8:30--‐9:00: Coffee

9.00: Introduction: Einar Petterson

Dogs, Cats, Serpents, Dragons and Basilisks

Chair: Einar Petterson


Einar Petterson, Professor of art history, University of Oslo

Serpents, Dragons and Saints

Lecture 2

Elena Raisi, PhD University of Bologna

The Basilisk in the mirror. Beauty and moral blame from Critical explanation to literature in early modern Europe

10:45--‐11:15: Coffeebreak

Lecture 3

Ingrid Rowland, Professor, Notre‐Dame University, Rome

Artists and their cats

Lecture 4

Carolyn Smyth, Professor John Cabot University, Rome

'De Canis Inutilis:' The Lapdog and Its Uses in the Paintings of TItian and His Contemporaries


12.45–14:30: Lunch


Tuesday, 3rd June: Afternoon session

Wolves, Donkeys, Birds, Mice, Rabbits and Axolotl

Chair: Paola Di Cori & Dagmar Reichardt

Lecture 5

Saskia Ziolkowski, Duke University and American Academy in Rome

“What Does the volpe Say?: Literature’s Role in Animal Studies, an Italian Perspective.”

Lecture 6

Dagmar Reichardt, University of Groningen/The Netherlands

"Resilient donkeys and sustainable birds. Literary Ecocriticism from Verism to the Animals' Turn in modern Italian literature"

16.00–16.30 Coffee break

16:30 ‐17:00
Lecture 7

Paola Di Cori, Lecturer in Cultural Studies and Gender Studies at the University of Urbino.

Animals in the writings of Julio Cortàzar's

Lecture 8

Gaetana Marrone‐Puglia, Princeton University

"Of Mice and Rabbits: Reflections on Francesco Rosi's 'Tre fratelli".


Wine and snacks at the Norwegian Institute


Wednesday, 4th June: Morning session

08:30‐9:00 Coffee

Metamorphoses, Hybrids, Horses and Loplops

Chair: Martin Eisner, Gloria Lauri‐Lucente & Einar Petterson

Lecture 9

Gloria Lauri‐Lucente, Professor and Head of the Department of Italian at the University of Malta

'Mutatas formas': Ovidian Metamorphoses, the Human, the Arboreal, and the Animalesque

Lecture 10

Elisa Treccani, University of Verona

Animals in some Italian medieval Comic poets (Peraccio Tedaldi)

10:30 ‐11:00 Coffee break

11.00 ‐11.30
Lecture 11

Martin Eisner, Duke University and American Academy in Rome

Machiavelli’s Hybrid Animals: Dante, Ovid, and the Making of The Prince

Lecture 12

Jasmin Cyril, Professor of Fine Arts, Benedict College, Columbia, SC

Leonardo's Horses ‐ Drawings for the Sforza Horse Project.

12:30 ‐12:45 Coffee break

12:45 – 13:15
Lecture 13

David Lomas, Professor of Art History at the University of Manchester

The Artist ‐Sorcerer: Mimicry and Magic in Max Ernst's Loplop.æ

13.30–15.00 Lunch


20:30 Dinner for lecturers Ristorante Lumie di Sicilia Roma

Via Fratelli Bonnet 41

00152 ROMA

+39 06 58 13 287







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