Perspectives on the Nordic

Professor i kunsthistorie ved IFIKK Bente Larsen, har sammen med professor i engelskspråkling litteratur Jakob Lothe redigert boken, som  de også har bidratt til med en felles innledning og egne artikler. 

About the book 

Nordic" can be a controversial and contested concept. Each of the nine contributors to this book casts a sympathetic but critical eye on the role this concept has played within the field of art. Starting from the premise that significant aspects of art and aesthetics complicate, and arguably even challenge, an understanding of "the Nordic" as a concept that is either "self-evident" or "important", the volume aims to provide a venue for sharing, elaborating and refining our understanding of the Nordic in relation to art-forms as varied as literature, the visual arts and films. 

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Publisert 27. juli 2016 11:14