Fixing Language. An Essay on Conceptual Engineering

Professor i filosofi Herman Cappelen er aktuell med første bok om Conceptual Engineering.

Dette er første bok skrevet om Conceptual Engineering: Studiet av hvordan begreper kan være defekte og hvordan de kan forbedres. Boken er et viktig bidrag til litteraturen om filosofisk metode og er relevant for all områder av filosofien. 

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Fixing Language. An Essay on Conceptual Engineering (English)

Herman Cappelen investigates ways in which language (and other representational devices) can be defective, and how they can be improved. In all parts of philosophy there are philosophers who criticize the concepts we have and propose ways to improve them. Once one notices this about philosophy, it's easy to see that revisionist projects occur in a range of other intellectual disciplines and in ordinary life. That fact gives rise to a cluster of questions: How does the process of conceptual amelioration work? What are the limits of revision? (How much revision is too much?) How does the process of revision fit into an overall theory of language and communication? Fixing Language aims to answer those questions.

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