Scholary Forgetting in the Humanities

Denne spesialutgaven av History of Humanities (University of Chicago Press) er redigert av Han Lamers og Toon Van Hal, og har Christine Amadou blant bidragsyterne.

Bildet kan inneholde: samling, font, svart og hvit.

Sammendrag (engelsk):

This collection of essays examines processes of forgetting in the history of the humanities. It includes contributions from fields as diverse as art history, musicology, linguistics, logic, classics, archaeology, papyrology, theology, and history. By exploring how names, books, ideas, methods, connections, and approaches have fallen into oblivion, and by asking why this happened, the essays raise some wider questions about writing histories of humanities.

It features an article on Philhellenism as ‘regime of forgetting’ by Christine Amadou, as well as a contribution on Edvard Grieg’s ‘eclipsing stardom’ by Arnulf Mattes.

The collection results from an international project generously sponsored by the Volkswagen Foundation and coordinated by the editors.

Contributors: Christine Amadou, Sebastiaan G. Clercx, Lorenz Demey, Holger Essler, Gerda Haßler, Han Lamers, Arnulf Mattes, Helen Roche, Cornelis J. Schilt, Toon Van Hal, Wendy Wiertz, Tom Zille.

Read the special issue here.

Publisert 24. aug. 2020 14:21 - Sist endret 27. aug. 2020 15:06