Anna Daria Drozdzowicz

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Emneord: Filosofi


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  • Drozdzowicz, Anna Daria (2016). Speakers' Intuitions about Meaning Provide Empirical Evidence - Towards Experimental Pragmatics, In Martin Hinton (ed.),  Evidence, Experiment and Argument in Linguistics and Philosophy of Language (Studies in Philosophy of Language and Linguistics).  Peter Lang Publishing Group.  ISBN 978-3631661895.  Kap.  s 65 - 90

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  • Schindler, Samuel; Drożdżowicz, Anna & Brøcker, Karen (ed.) (2020). Linguistic Intuitions: Evidence and Method. Oxford University Press.  ISBN 9780198840558.  320 s.

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  • Drożdżowicz, Anna (2020). From saying to seeing. Review of Berit Brogaard: Seeing and Saying: The language of perception and the Representational View of Experience. Meta Science.  ISSN 0815-0796.
  • Drożdżowicz, Anna (2019). Careful with knowledge ascriptions! Review of: Mikkel Gerken, On Folk Epistemology. Meta Science.  ISSN 0815-0796.
  • Drożdżowicz, Anna; Saint-Germier, Pierre & Schindler, Samuel (2018). Must philosophy be constrained? Review of: Edouard Machery, Philosophy within its proper bounds. Meta Science.  ISSN 0815-0796.
  • Drozdzowicz, Anna Daria (2015). Investigating utterance meaning – Essays in the epistemology of Language.

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