Lars Christie

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Ethics and Self-Defence, Just War, Retributive and Distributive Justice, Fault, Desert, Philosophy of Criminal Law, 


Distributing death: Justification and constraints 




2006-2012 The Norwegian Minstry of Foreign Affairs.

Served as a diplomat in Islamabad and Jerusalem. Worked in various positions at the MFA HQ in Oslo covering, inter alia, UN Peacebuilding Commission and UN Security Council, Somalia and Libya.  


Emneord: Filosofi


  • Christie, Lars (2018). "Distributing the Cost of Rescue", In Bradley Jay Strawser (ed.),  Who Should Die? The Ethics of Killing in War..  Oxford University Press.  ISBN 9780190495657.  Chapter 9.

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  • Christie, Lars & Barry, Christian (2018). The Moral Equality of Combatants, In Seth Lazar & Helen Frowe (ed.),  The Oxford Handbook of Ethics and War.  Oxford University Press.  ISBN 9780199943418.  chapter.
  • Christie, Lars (2017). Legal and moral responsibility of foreign fighters.
  • Christie, Lars (2017). The conflict in Syria: Great Power Politics and Humanitarian Consequences.
  • Christie, Lars (2017). Weapons.
  • Christie, Lars (2016). Harming one to save another. Liability and Lethal Luck.

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