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Oslo School of Environmental Humanities (OSEH)

OSEH seeks to strengthen interdisciplinary research and teaching on climate change and the environment.

Heritage Experience Initiative (HEI)

HEI aims at developing critical heritage research in close cooperation with the heritage sector and will experiment with new teaching models.

Centre for Islamic and Middle East Studies

An interdisciplinary research centre that aims to promote understanding of key developments within the Middle East and the Islamic world.

Centre for Museum Studies

An interdisciplinary research centre that applies a range of diverse perspectives on museums and musealization processes.

Books published

  • the_power_of_the_wandering_mind The Power of the Wandering Mind Apr. 10, 2019 3:06 PM

    Nondirective Meditation is not about emptying the mind. Instead, mind wandering is seen as an important resource. Silently repeating a meditation sound helps to cultivate a free mental attitude.

  • nine-nights-of-the-goddess Nine Nights of the Goddess Mar. 28, 2019 2:16 PM

    Explores the contemporary nature and the diverse narratives, rituals, and performances of the Navarātri festival.

  • 9781474433990 Blogging from Egypt Mar. 25, 2019 10:13 AM

    Six years before the Egyptian revolution of January 2011, many young Egyptians had resorted to blogging as a means of self-expression and literary creativity.

  • 9781138559981 Indian Genre Fiction Mar. 25, 2019 10:12 AM

    This volume maps the breadth and domain of genre literature in India across seven languages (Tamil, Urdu, Bangla, Hindi, Odia, Marathi and English) and nine genres for the first time.