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Illustration: Shinkansen

Illustration: Marius Lund

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Asian companies and organisations meet energetic Norwegian students

Companies and Organizations

We are looking for organizations or companies in China, India or Japan willing to:

  • accept Norwegian students on work placement
  • provide them with interesting tasks
  • involve them in team work


Norwegian business needs people who know Asian languages and the business cultures of the emerging economies and Asian giants.

We encourage students to try this advanced language and management course, with internship in a commercial company or organisation.

The idea

Norway needs people who are fluent in the languages, cultures and working life cultures of the Asian giant economies – China, India and Japan.

At the same time businesses and organisations in China, India and Japan will benefit from this opportunity to make international talent development and global engagement become real!

  • 1 year programme
  • BA-requirement
  • No costs involved