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Academic Interests

Cultural History of Politics, History of Reading, Confessionalism

Gender Studies, History of the Body,

Transcultural Studies, Global History, European-Asian Contact,

History of Perception, Knowledge and Reading


Higher education and employment history

Antje Flüchter studied History, Political Science and Geography in Freiburg and Cologne. She completed her PhD at the University of Münster in 2002 with a work about Celibacy and concubinage in early modern rural communities. She worked as a lecturer at the Department for History in Münster (1997-2008). In 2008 she became a project leader at the Cluster of Excellency Asia and Europe in Heidelberg. In this project she and two PhD-fellows analysed state building as a transcultural process. In 2012, she finished her Habilitations-thesis about Die Vielfalt der Bilder und die eine Wahrheit. Die Staatlichkeit Indiens in der deutschsprachigen Wahrnehmung (1500-1700)/ Diversity of Images and a Single Truth: Indian Statehood in German Early Modern Discourse (1500-1700).


10/2013 Associate Professor for Cultural History at the University of Oslo

2012/13. Interim Professor at the University of Heidelberg (for Prof. Dr. Thomas Maissen)

2012 Visiting Professor in Kassel at the PhD-Program Gender and Space

since 11/2008:  Junior Research Group Leader at the Cluster of Excellence Asia and Europe in a Global Context  

2008: Interim Professor at the University of Zurich (for Prof. Dr. Franziska Loetz)

2008: Research-Fellowship at the International Research Center for Cultural Studies (IFK) in Vienna  

1997 - 2008: Lecturer (Wissenschaftliche Assistentin) at Münster University.


Tags: reading, knowledge, Cultural history, Religionshistorie, Reformation, gender, body
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