Chunrong Liu

Guest Researcher
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Phone +47-22858514
Visiting address Niels Henrik Abels vei 36 0371 OSLO
Postal address Postboks 1010 Blindern 0315 OSLO

Academic interests

Chunrong Liu's research interests are in the areas of political sociology, comparative politics and China studies. He has been doing extensive fieldwork to investigate dynamics of state-society relations and local governance in post-reform China. He is also interested in examining China's domestic-foreign policy nexus and China-Nordic cooperation.   


Dr. Liu received his PhD degree in sociology from the City University of Hong Kong in 2005 and has conducted post-doctoral research at Georgetown University. He became an associate professor of political science at Fudan University in 2010. Prior to working at UiO, he served as managing director of the Fudan-European Centre for China Studies at the University of Copenhagen and was a researcher at the Nordic Institute of Asian Studies.  

Tags: Chinese Politics and Diplomacy, Chinese Society, FECCS

Selected publications

Selected Papers and Book Chapters

Yi Ma and Chunrong Liu, 2021, “The Politics of Policy Reformulation: Implementing Social Policy in Provincial China”, Journal of Contemporary ChinaDOI: 10.1080/10670564.2021.1945741

Chunrong Liu, 2021 “Preserving Spontaneous Order: A Normative Reflection of Community Building in Post-Reform China”, Philosophy & Social Criticism 47(4):534-547. 

Chunrong Liu, 2021. "Framing China-EU Sub-regional Cooperation", in One Belt, One Road, One Story? Towards an EU-China Strategic Narrative , edited by Alister Miskimmon, Ben O'Loughlin and Jinghan Zeng, McMillan.

Chunrong Liu, 2020. "A Systemic Rival on the Door Step? The Politics of Politicizing China's Regional Influence in Europe", in East-West Reflections on Demonization , edited by Geir Helgesen and Rachel Harrison, Copenhagen, DK: NIAS Press.

Chunrong Liu, 2019. "A Chinese Perspective", In: Nordic-China Cooperation: Challenges and Opportunities, edited by Andreas Bøje Forsby, Copenhagen, DK: NIAS Press.

Chunrong Liu, 2017. "Beyond Coercion: The New Politics of Conflict Processing in China," Chinese Political Science Review, 2(2): 221–236.

Chunrong Liu, 2016. "The Rise of a Middle-class Society and its Implication for China-EU Relations," in 'EU-China: New Directions, New Priorities', Brussels: Friends of Europe.

Chunrong Liu, 2014. "Community Mobilization and Policy Advocacy in Urban China", in Urban Mobilization and New Media in Contemporary China, edited by Lisheng Dong, Hanspeter Kriese and Daniel Kubler. Ashgate.

Chunrong Liu, 2013. "Community Building and Elite Activism in Urban Shanghai", in Elite and Governance in China , edited by Xiaowei Zang and Kou Chien-wen, Routledge.

Chunrong Liu, 2011. "Contested Ground: Neighborhood and Community", in Understanding Chinese Society, edited by Zang Xiaowei, Routledge.

Yijia Jing and Chunrong Liu. 2010. "Understanding China's Administrative Adaptation: The Role of Weak Organizations", Issues &Studies, Volume 46. No.2 (June): 1-32.

Chunrong Liu, 2008. "Empowered Autonomy: The Politics of Community Governance Innovation in Shanghai," Chinese Public Administration Review 5 (1-2): 61-71.

Chunrong Liu, 2006, "Social Changes and Neighborhood Policy in Shanghai", Policy and Society 25 (1): 133-155.


Selected Publications in Chinese

刘春荣、陈周旺、耿曙主编,《中国城市基层治理研究选读》,上海:复旦大学出版社,2019年。 Chunrong Liu, Chen Zhouwang and Keng Shu, oaths. 2019. Urban Community Governance in China: A Reader, Shanghai: Fudan University Press.

汤艳文、刘春荣,《找回草根:上海居委会自治家园案例研究》,上海:上海人民出版社,2019年。 Yanwen Tang and Chunrong Liu, 2019. Bring the Grassroots Back In: A Study of Residents Committee Self-governance in Shanghai (coauthored with Tang Yanwen), Shanghai: Shanghai People's Press.

刘春荣,营造可持续发展的城市:对北欧方案的解析, 《城乡规划》, 2019年第4期,45-51页。 Chunrong Liu, 2019. Making Sustainable Cities: An Analysis of the Nordic Solution, Urban and Rural Planning, 2019 (4): 45-51.

刘春荣,《社区治理与中国政治的边际革新》,上海:上海人民出版社,2018年。 Chunrong Liu, 2018. Community Governance: The Dynamics of Marginal Innovation in Chinese Politics, Shanghai: Shanghai People's Press.

徐中振、杨雄、刘春荣,《柏万青现象:黄埔江边的中国社会——上海草根社群志愿活动案例研究》,上海:上海世纪出版集团,2016年。 Xu Zhongzhen, Yang Xiong and Chunrong Liu, 2016. The Chinese Society along the Huangpu River: A Study of Grassroots Voluntary Groups in Shanghai, Shanghai: Century Publishing House.

刘春荣,保护社会的政治:福利供给与中国社会契约的重建,《复旦政治学评论》(2014年第13辑), 1-34页。 Chunrong Liu, 2014. "The Politics of Social Protection: Welfare Provision and the Reconstruction of Social Contract in China," Fudan Political Science Review (13):1-34.

陈周旺、刘春荣,《集体行动的中国逻辑》,上海:上海人民出版社,2012年。 Chunrong Liu, 2012. The Chinese Logic of Collective Actions (co-edited with Chen Zhouwang), Shanghai: Shanghai People's Press.

刘春荣,选举动员的框架整合:银杏居委会换届选举个案研究, 《社会》, 2010年第1期。 Chunrong Liu, 2010. Framing Alignment in Electoral Mobilization, Society: The Chinese Journal of Sociology 30(1): 22-45.

刘春荣,全球金融危机与国家自主性,《社会》,2009年第1期。 Chunrong Liu, 2009. "Global Financial Crisis and State Autonomy," Society: The Chinese Journal of Sociology 29(1): 7-12.

刘春荣, 国家介入与邻里社会资本的增生 ,《社会学研究》 2007 第2期.60-79页。 Chunrong Liu, 2007. State Intervention in the Making of Neighborhood Social Capital, Sociological Studies (2): 60-79.

刘春荣 ,市民社会与立宪政治:晚清的另一种政治改革,《中国社会科学季刊》,2000年第32期,161-167页。 Chunrong Liu, 2000. "From Civil Society to Constitutionalism : Late-Qing Political Reform Revisited", Chinese Social Science Quarterly (32): 161-167.

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