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Academic interests

I am a postdoc-fellow within the field of environmental humanities, and take part on the project “GreenMENA: Climate Change and Energy Transition in the Middle East”. More specifically, I study how issues pertaining to climate change and the green shift are treated in public discourse in the Middle East and North Africa region (see below). Previously, I have focused on online and offline activism in the MENA region; the relationship between activism, public discourse, and democratization; and language use online in the Arabic speaking countries.


Higher education and employment history


Researcher on the project “GreenMENA: Climate Change and Energy Transition in the Middle East”



PhD, University of Oslo. Thesis: Online Activism in Egypt and Kuwait: Counterpublicness and Democratization in Authoritarian Contexts.



MA, Arabic, University of Oslo. MA thesis: We Want Five! – Kuwait, the Internet, and the Public Sphere.



Research Assistant on the project “The Gulf Research Unit”, based at the University of Oslo



Research Assistant on the project “Rethinking the Middle East Talks: Prospects for Democratic Reforms in the PLO”, based at The Peace Research Institute (PRIO).



Arabic Language Studies, International Language Institute, Cairo.



BA, Arabic, University of Oslo.




Lecturer, introductory course in area studies entitled: “Har kontrarevolusjonen lykkes? Hvordan forstå Midtøsten i 2015 [Has the counter-revolution succeeded? How to understand the Middle East in 2015] (MØNA 1000),” University of Oslo.



Lecturer and seminar leader, Modern Standard Arabic over six semesters on BA level, University of Oslo.



Winner of the 2010 “Babylon Award”, awarded by Babylon – Nordisk tidsskrift for Midtøstenstudier, for best contribution by young researchers.




2011 -

Babylon – Nordisk tidsskrift for Midtøstenstudier, member of the Editorial Staff, Editor (2019 - 2020).



Nordic Society for Middle Eastern Studies, Board Member.





Twitter: @jnor

Tags: Middle East, Arabic, Oil Politics in the Gulf Region, Kuwait, Egypt, Activism, Democratization, Climate Change, Energy, Lebanon, CIMS


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  • Nordenson, Jon (2018). Fra opprør til kaos. Midtøsten etter den arabiske våren. Universitetsforlaget.  ISBN 978-82-15-02804-0.  365 s.
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  • Nordenson, Jon (2010). We Want Five! - Kuwait, the internet, and the public sphere. Lambert Academic Publishing.  ISBN 978-3-8433-5688-6.  98 s.

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View all works in Cristin

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