Dag Øistein Endsjø

Professor - Religious Studies
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Phone +47 22854918
Mobile phone +47 99043311
Room 343 PAM
Visiting address P.A. Munchs hus
Postal address Postboks 1010 Blindern 0315 OSLO

Endsjø er most know for his research on sex & religion and on how Greek beliefs in physical immortality and resurrection influenced early Christianity. He also works with various other fields, such as religion and popular culture, religion and human rights, religion and politics, religious and place, religion and gender, religious change, Greek religion, Christianity, and the history of the immortality in Western beliefs.

He is among Norway’s most translated academics with publications in twelve languages, as well as being one of the country's most prolific scholars in the public sphere with hundreds of more popular articles.


  • Professor in the Study of Religion at the University of Oslo 2016-
  • Professor in the Study of Religion at the University of Bergen 2006-2017
  • Visiting scholar at Duke University 1999, UTS Columbia University 2003, San Francisco University 2006
  • Postdoctoral Fellow in the History of Ideas at the University of Oslo 2005-2006
  • Postdoctoral Fellow in the History of Ideas at the University of Oslo 2003-2004
  • Associate Professor in the Study of Religion at NTNU, Norwegian University of Science and Technology 2003
  • Dr.art. in the History of Religion at the University of Oslo 2003
Tags: History of Religions, Christianity, Religion and gender, History of sexuality, Religion and politics, Human rights, Religion and popular culture, Antiquity, Popular Religion, Rituals, Death and immortality


  • Udødelighetens historie. Fra Jesus’ oppstandelse til zombier, antioksidanter og barn i ilden (History of immortality. From the resurrection of Jesus to zombies, antioxidants and children in the fire). Oslo: Cappelen Damm 2016. ISBN 9788202489113.
  • Sex and religion. Teaching and taboos in the history of world faiths. London: Reaktion Books 2011. ISBN 9781861898159. (also published in Bulgarian, Chinese, Italian, Norwegian, Macedonian, Polish, Portuguese, Serbian, Swedish, and Ukrainian).
  • Det folk vil ha. Religion og populærkultur (What people want. Religion and popular culture. Written together with Liv Ingeborg Lied). Oslo: Universitetsforlaget 2011. ISBN 9788215017488.
  • Greek resurrection beliefs and the success of Christianity. New York: Palgrave Macmillan 2009. ISBN 978-0-230-62256-2.
  • Primordial landscapes, incorruptible bodies. Desert asceticism and the Christian appropriation of Greek ideas on geography, bodies, and immortality. New York: Peter Lang 2008. ISBN 978-1-4331-0181-6.
  • Lei av kjønn? Nær-kjønn-opplevelser og andre beretninger fra virkeligheten (edited together with Helge Svare). Oslo: Cappelen Akademisk Forlag 2001.
  • «‹The truth is out there›. Primordial lore and ignorance in the wilderness». Laura Feldt (ed.) Wilderness in mythology and religion. Approaching religious spatialities, cosmologies, and ideas of wild nature. Boston & Berlin: Walter de Gruyter 2012: 113-29.
  • «Immortal bodies, Before Christ. Bodily continuity in ancient Greece and 1 Corinthians». Journal for the Study of the New Testament 30, 2008: 417-36.
  • «The queer periphery. Sexual deviancy and the cultural understanding of space». Journal of Homosexuality, vol. 54, 2008: 9-20.
  • «Sex, nattverd og menneskerettigheter. Nye utfordringer for Den katolske kirke». Tomas Hägg red.) Kjetterne og kirken. Fra antikken til i dag. Oslo: Scandinavian Academic Press 2008: 209-22. Also published in German, Kirche und Ketzer. Wege und Abwege des Christentums. Böhlau Verlag 2010.
  • «Funksjonshemmede og rangeringssamfunnet. Hva sier menneskerettighetene om å rangere diskrimineringsvernet etter diskrimineringsgrunnlag?». Toril Heglum og Ann Kristin Krokan (ed.) Med vitende og vilje. Om funksjonshemming, diskriminering og krenkelse. Oslo: Kommuneforlaget 2006: 70-82.
  • «Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender rights and the religious relativism of human rights». Human Rights Review, 6:2, 2005: 102-10.
  • «To control death. Sacrifice and space in classical Greece». Religion, vol. 33, 2003: 323-340.
  • «To lock up Eleusis. A question of liminal space». Numen, vol. 47, 2000: 351-86.
  • «Placing the unplaceable. The making of Apollonius’s Argonautic geography». Greek, Roman and Byzantine Studies. Vol 38. 1997: 373-85.
  • Endsjø, Dag Øistein (2019). Ulv, miljøparagrafen i Norges grunnlov og vernet av truede dyrearter. Nordisk miljörättslig tidskrift.  ISSN 2000-4273.  11(1), s 29- 45 Show summary
  • Endsjø, Dag Øistein (2018). Oppstandelse. Store Norske Leksikon (Nettutgaven).
  • Endsjø, Dag Øistein (2018). Resurrection of the Dead in Early Judaism, 200 BCE–CE 200, by C. D. Elledge, New York, Oxford University Press, 2017. Book Review.. Religion.  ISSN 0048-721X.  48(3), s 524- 526 . doi: 10.1080/0048721X.2018.1450476
  • Endsjø, Dag Øistein (2018). Tidlig kristendom. Store Norske Leksikon (Nettutgaven).

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