Upholding Humanity in a Post-Human World? Arabic Literature after ‘Arab Spring’

30 May - 04 June, 2016.

Photo: University of Oslo

The title of the 12th EURAMAL meeting tries to gather a number of tendencies that seem to crystallize in, and emerge from the study of, most recent literary production. They reflect the various ways Arab authors react to a world that is dramatically changing since the so-called “Arab Spring” and that is characterized by the complete disintegration of the Arab world, an abandoning of the project of the modern nation-states as it had been promoted ever since the late 19th/early 20 century, and with it an abandonment of the idea of creating a better, more humane world for the larger community that until recently one felt one belonged to.

Five Years After the Arab Spring: Political and Ideological Trends

10 June, 2016.

Photo: Erik Skare

The conference marks the end of the New Middle East project (NEWME) that started in 2012. Through NEWME political and ideological trends in the Middle East have been studied, as old patriarchal and autocratic structures in the region have crumbled. Two main topics will be addressed at the conference by panels composed of NEWME researchers and leading French Middle East experts. The first topic addresses the current status of democracy and political Islam in the Middle East. The second addresses political implications of the challenges to patriarchal structures (gender and age hierarchies) in the region. ​