Harlem Comes to Tehran: On Ahmad Shamlu's Translations of Langston Hughes

A seminar with Senior Lecturer Samad Alavi, University of Oslo.

Free admission and open to all.

How does a piece of writing come to be considered World Literature? By what criteria does a translator appraise a foreign text’s value for the domestic market? This presentation considers Ahmad Shamlu’s (1925-2000) Persian translations of the American poet Langston Hughes (1902-1967) with such questions in mind. Shamlu remains one of Iran's most popular and critically acclaimed poets in his own right and, as such, his renderings of Hughes' poetry offer insights into the processes of domestication and appropriation that shape any successful translation. 



Samad Alavi is senior lecturer in the Department of Culture Studies and Oriental Languages at the University of Oslo where he teaches Persian language courses. His research focuses primarily on Persian cultural production with particular emphasis on modern poetry, social and aesthetic debates, and translation.



If you have any questions concerning the seminar, please contact our CIMS coordinator, Alexandra H. Koritzinsky, either by email: a.h.koritzinsky@ikos.uio.no, or at: (+47) 957 21 103.

Published Oct. 23, 2018 2:51 PM - Last modified May 10, 2019 3:35 PM