Book Launch: 'State of Translation: Turkey in Interlingual Relations'

A seminar with Associate Professor Einar Wigen, University of Oslo.

Free admission and open to all.

Photo: UiO, Ellen Evju Jahr

In this seminar, Einar Wigen will present his new book, State of Translation. 

International politics often requires two or more languages. The resulting interlingual relations mean translation, either by interpreters who are quite literally in the middle of conversations, or by bilingual statesmen who negotiate internationally in one language and then legitimize domestically in another. Since no two languages are the same, what can be argued in one language may be impossible in another. Political concepts can thus be significantly reformulated in the translation process. State of Translation examines this phenomenon using the case of how 19th-century Ottoman and later Turkish statesmen struggled to reconcile their arguments in external languages (French, then English) with those in their internal language (Ottoman, later Turkish), and in the process further entangled them. Einar Wigen shows how this process structured social relations between the Ottoman state and its interlocutors, both domestically and internationally, and shaped the dynamics of Turkish relations with Europe.


Einar Wigen is associate professor of Turkish studies at the University of Oslo. His research is primarily at the intersection between international studies, translation, history and legitimacy in Ottoman and Turkish politics.


If you have any questions concerning the seminar, please contact our CIMS coordinator, Alexandra H. Koritzinsky, either by email:, or at: (+47) 957 21 103.

Published Apr. 23, 2019 6:26 AM - Last modified May 10, 2019 3:36 PM