[CANCELLED] Natural Law Theory and Rights-based Law in al-Tabari's (d. 310/923) madhhab jariri: Implications for Social Contract

[CANCELLED] A seminar with Professor Ulrika Mårtensson, the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU).

Free admission and open to all.

The presentation focuses on al-Tabari's madhhab jariri, the role that natural law theory and the concept of rights-based law played in it, and the implications for al-Tabari's concept of the Qur'an. For comparison, I will show that the paradigm was shared by somewhat later Mu'tazili, Ash'ari-Shafi'i and Ja'fari jurist-exegetes, as well, and that it foregrounds the maslaha-maqasid methodology from the 400s/1000s onwards. If there is time, I can briefly concretise the topic with reference to peasants' property rights, in contexts where the state administration, the landlords, and the legal/religious institution vied over access to lands and land tax revenue. Hence, I argue that the natural law theory-paradigm refers to social contract and reasons for legitimate rule.


Ulrika Mårtensson is a Professor at the Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies, NTNU. Her research interests include early and medieval Islamic history, historiography, and Qur'anic studies.


Please note that the event has been cancelled due to the Covid-19 epidemic.

If you have any questions concerning the seminar, please contact our CIMS coordinator, Alexandra H. Koritzinsky, either by email: a.h.koritzinsky@ikos.uio.no, or at: (+47) 957 21 103.

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