Pious Power: The Phenomenon of Intellectual Female Preachers in Saudi Arabia

A seminar with PhD Candidate Laila Makboul, University of Oslo.

Free admission and open to all.


Laila Makboul

In this seminar, Laila Makboul explores the phenomenon of female intellectual preachers in Saudi Arabia, known as al-dāʿiyāt al-muthaqqafāt. These women make use of their cultural, religious and intellectual capital to engage in the public sphere. Analysing their historical emergence, their fields of engagement and their epistemology, this seminar explores their presence in contemporary Saudi Arabia and what they can tell us about Islamist women’s engagement in religious, cultural, social and political domains. ​


Laila Makboul is a PhD Candidate at the Department of Middle East and North Africa Studies at the University of Oslo. Her dissertation studies the different roles Saudi female intellectual preachers perform and engage in as intellectuals and religious authorities.



If you have any questions concerning the seminar, please contact our CIMS coordinator, Alexandra H. Koritzinsky, either by email: a.h.koritzinsky@ikos.uio.no, or at: (+47) 957 21 103.


(This seminar was originally scheduled to be held on April 12th)

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