The Islamic Republic from the Bottom Up: Patterns of Transformation from the Iran Social Survey

A seminar with Assistant Professor Kevan Harris, University of California-Los Angeles.

Free admission and open to all.

Media coverage of the Islamic Republic of Iran, especially in European and American outlets, has emphasized one of two mutually-linked perspectives for the past two and a half decades. On the positive side, many Iranians - especially the young, urban, and educated citizenry autonomous from Iran's government - are supposedly "just like us." On the negative side, many Iranians - especially poor, provincial, and state-dependent citizens - are purportedly led by the Islamic Republic to "just want to kill us." The predictions stemming from this dual perspective are often confusing, as they rarely portray political and social change in Iran in an accurate manner. In this lecture, I will share results from a large-scale national survey of the Iranian population - the 2016 Iran Social Survey - and argue for a different accounting of social transformations and political cleavages in the Islamic Republic.
Kevan Harris is Assistant Professor of Sociology at the University of California-Los Angeles. He is the author of A Social Revolution: Politics and the Welfare State in Iran (2017, University of California Press) and co-editor of The Social Question in the 21st Century: A Global View (2019, University of California Press). His articles and writings can be found at
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