A Conversation on Revolutionary Bodies

A Book Talk with Dr. K. Soraya Batmanghelichi 

Batmanghelichi will present her latest monograph Revolutionary Bodies in which she interrogates how normative ideas of women's bodies in state, religious, and public health discourses have resulted in the female body being deemed as immodest and taboo over the past three decades in Iran. This research greatly benefits those looking at marginalized and under-studied communities, such as red-light districts, those in temporary marriages, and an HIV-AIDS advocacy organization in Tehran.


 Photo of Dr. Batmanghelichi, the author of the book

Dr. K. Soraya Batmanghelichi is Associate Professor for the Study of Modern Iran at IKOS, University of Oslo. She completed her PhD in Iranian Studies from the Department of Middle Eastern, South Asian and African Studies at Columbia University in New York City.  Batmanghelichi's research focuses on contemporary women's movements, sexuality, and gendered public space in Iran and the modern Middle East. 


Dr. Joakim Parslow is a Senior Lecturer in IKOS, University of Oslo. He holds a PhD in Near and Middle Eastern Studies from the University of Washington, and a Cand. mag. in Political Science and Turkish from the University of Oslo. His research centers on the political, legal, and intellectual history of modern Turkey. 

The seminar is free and open to all. It will be hybrid, please register for Zoom to join digitally. 

Published Nov. 24, 2021 11:50 AM - Last modified Aug. 2, 2022 1:59 PM