Guardians of the Regime: The Varied Faces of Counter-Revolution during the Lebanon Revolutionary Uprising of 2019

A seminar with Dr. Jeffrey G. Karam in cooperation with Masahat.

A crowd of people in front of graffiti.

Political art and graffiti on part of the ‘wall’ in Beirut and around the building of the Lebanese Parliament in December 2019.

Focusing on the massive social uprising that erupted in Lebanon on 17 October 2019, the seminar draws on a selection of new primary records and secondary accounts to examine how several foreign states acted as counter-revolutionary forces to guard the political regime after the beginning of the revolutionary situation. An examination of counter-revolutionary narratives and actions during revolutionary situations must both consider local considerations and analyze the confluence between international, regional, and domestic forces. By complicating the binary of revolutionary and counter-revolutionary situations, the seminar provides a new perspective on counter-revolution that underscores the fluidity of different forms of coercion and violence. This seminar is based on a chapter in a forthcoming book entitled, The Lebanon Uprising of 2019: Voices from the Revolution (London and New York: I.B. Tauris and Bloomsbury, 2022), that Karam is co-editing.

A photo of Dr. Karam Dr. Jeffrey G. Karam is an Assistant Professor of Political Science at the Lebanese American University. He is also a EUME Fellow of the Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung and FU Berlin, and an associate at Harvard University’s Middle East Initiative. Karam is the author and editor of numerous publications, including The Middle East in 1958: Reimagining A Revolutionary Year (London: I.B. Tauris and Bloomsbury, 2020). Karam is the co-editor of The Lebanon Uprising of 2019: Voices from the Revolutionwhich I.B. Tauris and Bloomsbury will publish in 2022.

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