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Religion, State and the United Nations - Value Politics

Anne Stensvold is the editor of this newly published book which approaches the UN as a laboratory of religio-political value politics. 

The chapters are closely interrelated through the shared focus on the UN and common theoretical perspectives, and pursue two intertwined aspects of religious value politics, namely the whys and hows of cross-religious cooperation on the one hand, and the interaction between religious actors and states on the other.

Anne Stensvold is the author of the chapter:  "Religion, state and symbol politic. The Catholic Church".Other authors from the Department of Culture Studies and Oriental Languages are Ragnhild Zorgati With the chapter "Human rights and the Tunisian constitution" and Cecilie Endresen (co-authored with Ingrid Vik) "Norway, religion and the United Nations".

Learn more about the volume from the  publisher's presentation


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