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Exibition at the Museum of Natural History, Vienna
Exibition at the Museum of Natural History, Vienna. Photo: Colourbox.

We are interested in the historical development of the museum as an institution and the academic fields of study associated with this development. The changes are closely linked to varying ideas related to aspects of human culture and natural history that are worthy of protection and preservation.

Our research

The Centre for Museum Studies conducts interdisciplinary research into museums and musealization processes.

We are concerned with the contribution of museum practices to the shaping of our understanding of both our past and future, as well as of the physical landscape surrounding us.

We are also interested in the ways museum institutions are evolving today and creating novel understandings of phenomena such as the past, national and regional identity, art and aesthetics, national and foreign cultures.

Research topics

  • The history of museums
  • The biographies of objects
  • Identity and institution building
  • Exhibition analysis
  • The development of disciplines and museum formation
  • Processes tied to cultural heritage

Our researchers

An overview of all researchers affiliated with the Centre.