Participants in Religion and Politics (RelPol)

Name Phone E-mail Tags
Anne Stensvold Professor +47 22854932 History of Religions, Religion and politics, Christianity, Folk religion
Ragnhild Johnsrud Zorgati Associate Professor +47 22856855 +47 41201682 (mob) History of Religions, Islam, Middle East, North Africa, Comparative Literature, CIMS
Cecilie Endresen Associate Professor +47 22856706 History of Religion, Islam and Christianity in Southeast Europe, Religion and politics, Religious pluralism, Albanian, Nationalism
Brynjar Lia Professor +47 22857191 Middle East, Islamism, Jihadism, CIMS
Kathinka Frøystad Professor +47 22854790 India, Anthropology, Religion and politics, Cosmopolitanism, Inequality
Arild Engelsen Ruud Professor +47 22856712 +4799533823 (mob) South Asia, India, Political culture, Bangladesh
Ane Ohrvik Associate Professor +47 22857837 +47 40854377 Cultural history, Cultural Studies, Cultural encounters, Book History, Witchcraft and magic, Rituals, knowledge
Dirk Johannsen Professor +47 22844076 Cultural history, Popular Religion, Witchcraft and magic, Narrative cultures, Fairytales and legends, Cognitive Anthropology, Environment and religion, Environmental Humanities
Dag Øistein Endsjø Professor +47 22854918 +47 99043311 (mob) History of Religions, Christianity, Religion and gender, History of sexuality, Religion and politics, Human rights, Religion and popular culture, Antiquity, Popular Religion, Rituals, Death and immortality
Marcus Jacobus Teeuwen Professor +47 22856761 Japan, Japanese, Buddhism, Shintoism
Aike Peter Rots Associate Professor +47 22858385 Japan, Religion and politics, Shinto, Nature and the environment, Vietnam, Heritage, Marine mammals
Moumita Sen
Maria Birnbaum
Paul Rollier
Vera Lazzaretti
Kristin Soraya Batmanghelichi Associate Professor +47 22844836 Middle East, CIMS, SIMS, Middle East and North Africa (MENA), Iran, Gender and sexuality, Gender and Feminist Studies, Gender Theory, Political Islam
Olivier Roy