RelPol seminar series autumn 2019

Welcome to the RelPol seminars this autumn. The seminars are held Mondays from 15.00 to 16.00 in room 425 in P. A. Munchs hus. 

Presentations of 15-20 minutes. The presenters are kindly asked to prepare 2-3 questions for discussion.




2. Sept. Mubashar Hasan: "Radicalization, terrorism and counter terrorism –5 South Asian countries."


9. Sept. Ole Jakob Løland: "The Theological Roots of the Christian Right in Brazil."


16. Sept. Vladimir Tikhonov: "Buddhism and State in South Korea."


23. Sept. Jenny Holmsen: "Faith based diplomacy – San Egidio's mission."


30. Sept. Berit Thorbjørnsrud: "Toleranse – the Emiratee way."




7. Oct. Ion Josan: On religious pluralism.


14. Oct. Marte Nilsen: "Refugee education for the Rohingya in Bangladesh – what is the role

of religious institutions?"


21. Oct. Jane Skjoldli: "Distortion and destruction: blasphemy as disrupting religious

interaction." OBS! PAM489


28. Oct. Bjørn Olav Utvik: "On Islamism and democracy in the Middle East - reflections eight years after the Arab spring."




4. Nov. Brynjar Lia: "Militant Islamism in Norway."


11. Nov. Karin Neutel: "The Bible as a tool in current anti-migration politics."


18. Nov.  Iselin Frydenlund: "Islamophobia and re-configurations of Buddhist nationalism."


25. Nov. Hanne Trangerud: "Vaccines, moral conscience, and cooperation with evil."




2. Dec. Open discussion – assessment of the autumn semester and plans for the spring.



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