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Religion in military organizations

The group analyses how states handle religious diversity in military organizations.

About the Group

Religion in military organizations is a project that explores how a range of states handle religious diversity in their military organizations. The institution of military chaplaincy has a long history in the Christian world and parallel religious-military institutions can be found in many other cultures.

In a time with increasing religious diversity and increasing focus on equal treatment of minorities modern states struggle to find ways to offer religious services to military personnel of different faiths. The ways in which military chaplaincy services are organized in the armed forces of modern states have important consequences for the organizations, for personnel, and for how religion is formatted or standardized by states.


The aim is to publish high quality books and articles on the topic.


Published Apr. 6, 2017 11:20 AM - Last modified May 12, 2022 8:43 AM


Vladimir Tikhonov



  • Vladimir Tikhonov
  • Torkel Brekke
  • Ori Goldberg
  • Michael Jerryson
  • Kaushik Roy
  • George R. Wilkes
  • Gorazd Andrejc
  • Peter Losonczi
  • Iselin Frydenlund
  • Michael Snape
  • Kim P. Hansen
  • Bård Mæland
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