Muṣtafā Ḥāmid

Muṣtafā Ḥāmid (1945-present) is an Egyptian journalist who fought with the mujāhidīn against the Soviet Union in Afghanistan.

Abū Zubayda

Abū Zubayda (1971-present) is an alleged al-Qāʿida operator detained at Guantànamo Bay.

Fāḍil Hārūn

Fāḍil Hārūn (1972-2011) was an al-Qāʿida operative who has written one of the richest biographies with information on the group.

ʿAbdallāh Anas

ʿAbdallāh Anas was in Afghanistan from 1983-1992 alongside the mujāhidīn, and a co-founder of The Service Bureau.

Jamāl Ismāʿīl

Jamāl Ismāʿīl is a Palestinian journalist who was al-Jazeera's bureau chief in Pakistan.

Various memoirs

A collection of indenpendent and miscellaneous memoirs.