NoFSA-NET Mailinglist

NoFSA-NET is our informal mailing list. Membership is free. The majority of subscribers are located in the Nordic Region, but all are welcome.

Members are free to post information on cultural activities, research, new publications, events, and other South Asia related matters. Discussions and queries are welcomed.

NoFSA-Net is a great way to stay informed!

How to join the list:

To join the list send a request to this address:

Tell us briefly who you are. After you have received confirmation that you are subscribed, you are asked to post a short self-presentation to the list.

Subscribers are kindly asked to follow the List Rules below.

List Rules:

  • New members are asked to send a brief self-presentation to the list
  • NOFSA-NET is for South Asia related issues only, and is managed by a list manager appointed by the board of NoFSA
  • Only subscribers can post messages to NoFSA-NET
  • NoFSA-NET is unmoderated and uncensored. No one checks what you send to the list. You are therefore alone responsible for observing good netiquette. Keep in mind that when you send messages of marginal interest you reduce the quality of the list. Other members may wish unsubscribe for this reason
  • Out of consideration for list members who have slow Internet connections, please do not send attachments! Also, attachments take up disc space.
  • Kindly avoid sending copies of newspaper clippings etc in extenso and un-edited. If you refer to a news article, include comments that introduce and contextualise. Instead of copying text straight into your e-mail message, it`s best to refer to a web page when possible
  • Always sign your name at the end of a message
  • List Manager reserves the right to take you off the list at any time

Contact List Manager:

Use this address to contact list manager:




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