International workshop on Navarātri, Navarātra and Durgāpūjā in South Asia and beyond

Jishnu Shankar (UT Austin), Ute Huesken (IKOS, Oslo), Ina Ilkama (IKOS, Oslo), Moumita Sen (IKOS, Oslo) and Silje Einarsen (Aarhus) are organizing an international workshop with strong PhD participation at the Fransk-Norsk senter for humaniora og samfunnsvitenskap.

The program is open to everyone, please contact Ute Hüsken if you are going to attend.

For more information on the working group, please visit our website.



10:00-10:15: Welcome and Introduction by Ute Huesken, Jishnu Shankar and Bjarne Rogan

10:15-11:15: Keynote lecture I

Professor Hillary Rodrigues (University of Lethbridge, Canada): Durga Puja: procedures and symbolism within the Bengali style of the puja


Texts, Ritual, and Interpretation I

11:30-12:00: Jishnu Shankar, Senior Lecturer (University of Texas at Austin): The Internal Navaratri: The Goddess Within


12:00-12:30: Brigitte Luchesi, Professor em. (Bremen University): Navaratri and Kanya Puja. The worship of girls as representatives of the Goddess in Northwest India


Texts, Ritual, and Interpretation II

14:00-14:30: Ina Marie Lunde Ilkama, PhD researcher (Oslo University): At the Feet of the Goddess: Ritual Enactments of the Goddess' Fight with the (Buffalo) Demon

14:30-15:00: Raj Balkaran, PhD candidate (University of Calgary): The Splendour of the Sun: Illumining the Passage between Devī Māhātmya and Mārkaṇḍeya Purāṇa in Light of Navarātra Ritual Timing


The royal figure in history and contemporary performance I

15:15-15:45: Astrid Zotter, Research Fellow (Heidelberg Academy of Science and Humanities): Tracing Royal Nepalese Navaratra Rites in History

15:45-16:15: Caleb Simmons, Professor, Religious Studies Program (The University of Arizona): Born in the Line of Yadu By the Grace of Cāmuṇḍēśvari: The Celebration of Dasara and Genealogical Affirmation in Early Modern Mysore."


The royal figure in history and contemporary performance II

16:30-17:00:  Joerg Gengnagel, apl. Professor (Heidelberg University): Ritual Prescriptions and Spatial Practices. Aspects of Navarātri as a Court Ritual in Jaipur (Rajasthan)

17:00-17:30: Aya Ikegame, Professor (the Institute for Advanced Studies on Asia, the University of Tokyo): Trapped in rituals: the involvement of British officers in Dasara in colonial Mysore



10:00-11:00 Keynote lecture II:

Professor Vasudha Narayanan (University of Florida): Navaratri-Kolu and Nostalgia:  Recreating Social Order, Reconstructing the Cosmos


Class, Caste & Gender

11:15-11:45: Deeksha Sivakumar, PhD candidate (Emory University): Display Shows, Display Tells: A South Indian Assembly of Dolls for Navaratri

11:45-12:15:  Nicole Wilson, PhD researcher (Syracuse University): Kolus, Caste, and Class: The Hindu Festival of Navarāttiri as a Site for Ritual and Social Change in South India

12:15-12:45: Ute Hüsken, Professor (Oslo University): Same But Different: The Gender of Navarātri


Emerging Trends in Festival Cultures

14:15-14:45: Moumita Sen, PhD researcher (Oslo University): Politics, Religion, Art in the Durga Puja of Bengal

14:45-15:15: Uwe Skoda, Professor (The Department for Indology, Aarhus University): From iron goddess to sponge iron industry: Dasara and Durga Puja as competing rituals in a former princely state of Odisha

15:30-16:00: Silje Lyngar Einarsen, PhD researcher (Aarhus University): Change, tradition, and innovation in Navarātri of Benares

16:00-16:30: Xenia Zeiler, Professor, Department of World Cultures (Helsinki University): Mediatized Durgapuja

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