IKOS PhD Midway-seminar:"Weaving heritage in a globalized world. A case study of Wayuu and Wounan Colombian indigenous craft"

We want to invite you to an open midway-seminar with our PhD-fellow in Heritage Studies Laura Osorio Iregui. To comment on the candidates work, we have invited Professor Britt Kramvig from Department of Tourism and Northern Studies at the Arctic Univerisy of Norway

Laura Osorio Iregui

The midway evaluation is organized in two parts and starts with a 2-hour public seminar, followed by a closed meeting.

The purpose of the midway evaluation is to assess the progress of the PhD project at a point when it is still possible to make small or substantial changes. In general, we want to know how the candidate is doing, how much work is done, and what is left, and which problems might arise, if they haven't already.  At the same time, we want to give attention to the great important scholarly work performed by junior scholars at the Department.

About the PhD candidate and her Research

Laura Osorio Iregui is employed as a Research Fellow at the Museum of Cultural History, and is part of the Research Group "Housing Heritage: Exploring, theorising and problematising multiple kinds of heritage making".

For the past years the candidate have been studying the material culture of South American indigenous communities, both prehispanic and contemporary. Her current research project is about basket making among the Wounaan community.

Published Jan. 8, 2018 11:06 AM - Last modified Mar. 17, 2020 11:45 PM