IKOS PhD seminar: New Directions

A PhD seminar on: Studying Crisis – Ecological, Economic, Cultural, Political –with Thomas Hylland Eriksen. Registration required. 

For this seminar we have invited two of the principal researchers from the ERC-project: Overheating – The Three Crises of Globalization. An Anthropological History for the 21st Century. One of them is the PI, Norway’s most prominent anthropologist Thomas Hylland Eriksen.

They will discuss how crisis can be used as an analytics to understand processes going on in different corners of the world, involving different fields of knowledge, such as global warming, financial collapse and identity politics.


Registration by email to: kari.andersen@ikos.uio.no. Please specify whether you want to present something or not. For all seminars we will ask you to register some time in advance in order to know how to organize the discussion.

ECTS points

Generally, you will get 1 ECTS point for attending the seminar, 2 ECTS points for a presentation or a comment. To complete the program you need to have presented and commented twice.

Reading list

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