IKOS PhD Kick-off seminar fall 2019

Welcome to Kick-off seminar 14 October 2019!

This years title will be: Theory, Method, Material

The yearly kick-off seminar for the PhD-program is a bit late this year, since we wanted as many of the PhDs as possible to have settled in. Due to the many projects landed by IKOS researchers, we have a large and growing cohort of PhDs, who are crucial for IKOS as a dynamic place for innovative and cutting-edge research. The point of the kick-off is for all of us to meet and talk about our projects, PhDs, PDs, and permanent staff. But it also gives us a chance to think about what we have in common and what we can do to strengthen that. That is why the theme of the kick-off will be the three things we all necessarily share, and indeed, that are the three absolutely indispensable ingredients of any good research project: Theory, Method, Material.


1315-1400          Introductions

Welcome by Helge Jordheim, head of the PhD-program:

What can the IKOS PhD-program do for you?

Responses from the audience

1400-1410          Break with coffe

1410-1445          Stand-up talk: What is good research material and                                  how do you find it?

                            by Erik Skare


1445-1530           Do IKOS PhDs have methods, and should they?

                            by Einar Wigen


1530-1545           Break

1545-1700           Panel discussion: What's the point of theory?

                            Discussants: Brynjar Lia, Mette Halskov Hansen,                                    Brita Brenna, Ragnhild Zorgati

1700                    Food and conversation

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