Local Government-Society Interactions in Air Quality Protection Politics in China

This postdoctoral research project examines how and to what end local governments are staging negotiations between air-polluting enterprises and residents.

Postdoctoral Fellow Yongdong Shen

Yongdong Shen has been a postdoctoral researcher in the Airborne project from 2015-2017. His postdoctoral research is about how China’s newly launched and highly prioritised “PM2.5 air pollution prevention” policy is implemented locally. In particular, Shen focuses on the local implementation of industry-related air pollution prevention policies at the city level in China.

Cases of negotiations between residents, air polluting enterprises and local governments for implementing the industrial air pollution policy are described and discussed in detail. He finds that local governments’ strategic involvement of society against businesses improves the effectiveness of air protection policies in local China.

By Yongdong Shen
Published Oct. 23, 2017 1:33 PM - Last modified Oct. 23, 2017 1:33 PM